Winning Best Medium Stand at Reed Gift Fair’23

Winning Best Medium Stand at Reed Gift Fair’23 - Blog

Winning Best Medium Stand at Reed Gift Fair’23


We were thrilled to create a show-stopping stand at the Reed Gift Fair Melbourne in August with our exciting new season collection. There is nothing better than to be face to face talking, sharing, supporting and celebrating with other wholesalers and retailers from all over Australia & New Zealand.


Thanks to the organizing team at Reed Gift Fairs for putting on a great show with over 450 quality exhibitors. This event was a testament to the industry’s dedication to delivering exceptional products and experiences to all attending.


We owe special thanks to Marguerite from @livebreatheretail, whose unwavering motivation and dedication to the customer service experience helped us achieve our very best!


Put your hands together Congratulations to @carnivalhomewares for winning Best Medium Stand at the 2023 Melbourne Gift Fair. Combining creativity and functionality, their Coastal, Country, and City Lifestyle brand shone brightly. The Carnival Homewares exhibition stand radiated style and casual chic, perfectly capturing their brand essence. From themed zones, neon brand signage, tech-savvy QR codes, to carefully planned and detail driven visual merchandising execution – what a showstopper!!! ” – Marguerite from @livebreatheretail

Here’s what the judges noticed about our combination of creativity and functionality to steal the spotlight:


1. Themed Zones: We created distinct zones within our stand, each representing a unique aspect of the brand. This not only allowed visitors to explore different facets of our collection but also made the stand visually captivating.


2. Neon Brand Signage: Bright and eye-catching neon signs added a touch of modernity and fun to the setup. It was impossible to miss, and it left a lasting impression on visitors.


3. Tech-Savvy QR Codes: In a world increasingly driven by technology, QR codes were incorporated throughout the stand. These codes led visitors to interactive displays and provided information about our sustainable and eco-friendly products.


4. Detail-Driven Visual Merchandising: Every nook and cranny of the stand was meticulously planned and executed. From product placement to lighting, every detail contributed to the overall aesthetic appeal.


Carnival Homewares’ commitment to sustainability, innovative new products, and eco-friendly offerings were evident in their showcase.


We finished the Reed Gift Fair feeling inspired and encouraged by the experience & knowledge gained during this time, the friendships created & working along side other passionate exhibitors. We’re excited to bring new and innovative creations to you next season and beyond..


You can get online & browse our new season collection here

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