Who knew face masks could look so good! Read more…

Carnival mask beachside

Who knew face masks could look so good! Read more…


A new stylish look in face masks – and works well!

Carnival has been collaborating with Western Australian artist Gisela Zuchner-Mogall to create a face mask that is so much more comfortable to wear, softer on the face, and let’s face it, just looks better!


According to an article on Instagram, tea towels were a good thickness for a protective mask (ahead of vacuum cleaner bags – but who has those these days?).  Carnival Homewares has been working with Gisela to design an exclusive face mask pattern for our customers to use with our quality tea towels.


Gisela started the search for the best pattern.  After considerable time and effort a German pattern was selected which also needed a few tweaks,  and after making more adjustments to improve the fit and mould of the shape, here are the results!


After a lot of research, design and adjusting,  there are now four sizes available for Carnival Homewares customers.

A HUGE shout out to Gisela who has done all of the hard work and very kindly developed a great pattern and instructions to make with the 100% cotton tea towels from Carnival Homewares. Check out Gisela’s Insta page #giszuchnermogall 

Thank you Gisela!

True German craftswomanship that’s for sure and a great new collaboration with stylish Tea Towels from Carnival Homewares.

Carnival Homewares tea towels are right here ready to start your production.

Tea Towel brights Tea Towel brights Tea Towel brights

When you purchase any of our tea towels we can email you the instructions.  Just leave us a note with your order, or email your request to accounts@carnivalhomewares.com.au

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