Carnival Homewares x Victoria Digital Jobs Program

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Carnival Homewares x Victoria Digital Jobs Program


Over the past 2 years of COVID-19 pandemic, a lot has changed for the way small businesses are operating in Australia, and it’s no different for Carnival Homewares.  Technology has always been the game changer for small business & it continues to do so. 


To thrive in digital world & stay competitive in the Australian homewares market, we needed to build a new talent pool of great people with digital skills. We jumped at the opportunity to become a part of the Victorian Government’s Digital Jobs program, which “delivers value to both Victorians and businesses, creating opportunities for newly trained digital talent and their employers to help drive Victoria’s economic growth”. 


“The Digital Jobs program helps experienced mid-career Victorians transition into digital careers. Candidates undertake 12 weeks of free digital skills training, before being placed in a digital job for 12 weeks. Victorian businesses are invited to provide work placements for our talented career changers. Participating businesses will also gain access to the broader talent pool to find new recruits for digital jobs”. – Digital Job Program Overview


Through this program, we received a pool of talented people for us to choose from in the selected field. And we were lucky to hire Yurika as our tech intern. 


“ I’m working as a web developer and administrator at this friendly business. I’m so grateful to work as part of the Carnival Homewares team, and I’m enjoying making the most of what I’ve learned through the Digital job program. “


We also had the privilege of welcoming the Hon Jaala Pulford, minister of employment, innovation, medical research & the digital economy, small business & resources to our warehouse & office in Burwood on 19 May 2022. She was accompanied by Matt Fregon MP of Mt Waverly, Will Fowles MP of Burwood. They were very keen to learn of our experience with the Digital Jobs Program, among other things.


As tweeted by Jaala Paulford MP, “A lovely visit to Carnival Homewares in Burwood to meet cofounder Anna and Digital jobs intern Yurika. The business has been importing beautiful homewares from India for 20 years. Sounds like this is a fabulous to small business pairing”. 



“It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to discuss the Digital Jobs Program with Minister Jaala Pulford, Matt Fregon and Will Fowles, and to advise how successful it has been for us. It was an honour for Yurika to be a recipient of the Digital Jobs program. Yurika felt very pleased and proud that she had the opportunity to meet the Minister and discuss the work she is doing. The Digital Jobs program has assisted our business enormously by offering a pool of talented people for us to choose from in selected fields. This shows us the great opportunities that are out there & available for small Business’ in Victoria.”– Anna Cerdan, Co-Founder of Carnival Homewares Pty. Ltd.


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