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Carnival Homewares is an Australian wholesaler providing product to the retail trade. The first order minimum is $600.

Become a stockist

You can register to purchase online by sending us your details on the application provided here and we will then contact you with login details. If you wish to update your details, or have forgotton your password please use the Update My Details or Stockist Login links at the top of our homepage.

Carnival Homewares is based in Melbourne, and has agents in QLD & VIC.  We would be delighted to present our range and product information to you. Give us a call and we can arrange a visit! 

QLD Melinda Lawler - Lawler Management
p.07 3396 3333 or 0406 111 666  

VIC  Imogen Smith - Retail Agent 
p. 0402 240 257

Personal shoppers

For details of stockists near you please email us at and let us know what products you are interested in.

Trade fairs

We also exhibit our full range at the Gift & Homewares Assoc.(AGHA) trade fairs in Sydney (February) and Melbourne (August). Come along to the stand and let us show you our range in person!

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Contact Carnival: +61 3 9808 2222